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Cummings new concept will be a mixture of performance, djs and theme nights and as eclectic and unexpected as. Nycitymap is targeted towards nonmapping professionals and provides a wealth of geographicbased information from the input of a single location. Eastern bloc is hosting its farewell party this sunday evening. This animated map series covers the history of the cold war and the confrontation between the east and the west from 19471991. It is used to refer to former communist states in eastern. Western camp, eastern bloc, and the nonaligned movement. Alan opening club cumming on the lower east side page six. According to a 2006 article in new york magazine, the value of a dollar in new york city is only 76% what it is in 26 other cities in the united states. East river upper new york bay rikers island randalls island ellis island governors island liberty island harlem hoboken long island city weehawken jersey city prospect. Formation of the eastern bloc over a span of about four decades, countries within the eastern bloc would try to break free, and the soviet union would bring them back under control either through internal pressure, martial law or, as a last resort, military invasion. Today, this region is a distantsecond producing region, accounting for about 23%. New york city tourist map free print guide, attractions. The eastern bloc referes to a group of communist states in central and eastern europe, generally understood to be the countries of the warsaw pact.

Communist governments throughout the eastern bloc seek to channel such activity. Authors calculations based on world integrated trade solution wits. Accelerance partner selection services guide your company to the top software companies in eastern europe that are fullyinvestigated and proven to deliver. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Asean latin america eastern europe 2% 11% 12% 49% 26% 10% 12% 14% 40% 24% 1% 1% 2% 17% 79% latin america united states european union 27 east asia others source. Its easy to get lost in any city including the big apple, the city that doesnt sleep, the melting pot, gotham aka new york city. The official tax maps for the city of new york are maintained by the tax map office. Named best local website new york 2014 by the village voice. An iconic cultural, music, arts environment and performance event featuring more than 2000 performers. Map new mexico map new york map north carolina map north dakota map ohio map.

Cumming, an east village resident, is partnering with the owners of eastern bloc for the. New york magazine called sweaty eastern bloc a popular bunker for gays. A comparative analysis of the polish and yugoslav programs of 1990, washington, dc. Published by the rosa luxemburg stiftung, new york office, april 2016. Createnyc is the first comprehensive cultural plan in new york city history. Here are the maps of the different countries found in eastern europe. With the online digital tax map dtm you can access. Russia is a vast nation and the most eastern of the eastern european countries. The eastern bloc was a term coined by nato the north atlantic treaty organization. Our agents and staff will be working remotely at this time and fully accessible through email and cell. One of the centers main projects has been the creation of an extensive english language online cold war history chronology on east central europe. Korean and vietnam wars, the berlin blockade, cuban missile crisis.

In september, cracow was the scene of a meeting of similar groups from east. Energy information administration based on eastern bloc research russias oil and natural gasproducing regions uralsvolga uralsvolga was the largest producing region up until the late 1970s when it was surpassed by west siberia. In western europe, the term eastern bloc generally referred to the ussr. The eastern bloc, also known as the communist bloc, the socialist bloc and the soviet bloc, was the group of communist states of central and eastern europe, east asia, and southeast asia under the hegemony of the soviet union ussr that existed during the cold war 19471991 in opposition to the capitalist western bloc. Eastern bloc is located in the east village neighborhood of manhattan. Cee real gdp growth rates4 over the last 15 years have outperformed those of the eurozone, with an average. Kkr global institute report november 2014 unlocking the. The map on page 4 tells you the names of some of the. Eastern bloc was founded in 2010, and is located at 505 e 6th st frnt 1 in new york. The rest of the country was divided into four zones placed under soviet control. East asia refers to the member countries of asean plus china, south korea, and japan. The western bloc, also known as the capitalist bloc, was a coalition of countries that were allied with the united states, a member of nato, andor opposed the soviet union and the warsaw pact during the cold war. This map is part of a series of 9 animated maps showing the history of the cold war and confrontation between east and west 19471991.

The insider guide also includes a manhattan neighborhood map with details like how many street blocks are in a mile, how the new york city avenues and. A political map of europe and a large satellite image from landsat. The nyc insider print guide starts with a detailed map of manhattan along with all the manhattan neighborhoods and the top attractions in each manhattan neighborhood. Easternbloc bar 505 e 6th st, new york, new york 9 rated 4. At the end of the second world war and germanys defeat, vast areas of its territory east of the oderneisse line were amputated. Tax maps show the lot lines, the block and lot numbers, the street names, lot dimensions, and easements. In addition to indicating the specific building requested, users can select additional layers to add to the map such as schools, day care. Eastern bloc gay bars 505 e 6th st, east village, new york, ny. Access to geospatial or locationbased information and data is provided to the public through nycitymap. Long before the musical rent brought in legions of pierced, tattooed teenagers from every corner of america and drove up the rents, the east village was an eclectic mix of elderly ukranians and poles, dominican and puerto rican families, and assorted artists, wannabe bohemians, punks, their. You can also view the full panandzoom cia world map as a pdf document. Eastern bloc simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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