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Two types of finance are generally required in the tissue paper manufacturing business. In this process, the tissue machine has no press section. Some key information to know about tissue paper production. The pulping process converts this wood into the most appropriate type of pulp. This video is about the tissue paper production manufacturing process at a mill from pulp to paper. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Tissue paper production in sofidel plants national. Another one is working capital including raw material, wages, transportation etc. The gulf paper manufacturing company is the first company established in the gulf region to manufacture packaging and tissue grade papers. Soft tissue paper comes in varying thicknesses and textures but is primarily manufactured for facial tissue. Three main processes or phases may be isolated in the manufacture of the tissue products. Tissue can be made both from virgin and recycled paper pulp.

The tissue paper business is one of the easiest businesses any entrepreneur that is focused can go into. Tissue paper manufacturing process the process of the production of tissue paper is not a complicated one as most of the work will be done in the tissue paper making machine. The processes involved from start to finish is quite simple and straight forward. The pulp production process from recycled fibers can be divided into three major steps. Pdf the aim of this work is to compare the environmental impacts of two production processes of tissue paper using virgin pulp virgin fiber or waste. Tissue paper or simply tissue is a lightweight paper or, light crepe paper. Tissue paper production manufacturing process youtube.

Click numbers above to find more information of each tissue production phase. Introduction to process and properties of tissue paper tecnicelpa. Pdf life cycle analysis of tissue paper manufacturing from. It is important to prepare a project report or business plan before initiating the business.

The paper machine then converts the pulp into a thin base paper, which, at the end of the production process, is coated to give it a superb flat surface and bright shade. How toilet paper is made manufacture, making, history, used. Toilet paper is a tissue paper product used by people primarily for the ablution of the anus and surrounding area of fecal material after defecation and by human females for cleaning the perineal area of urine after urination and other bodily fluid releases. This video is about the tissue paper production manufacturing process. Tissue paper production in sofidel plants national geographic. Are you about starting a tissue paper manufacturing business. Introduction to process and properties of tissue paper. Process and project engineer and then technical manager in oil industry oil refineries and spent lube oil rerefining in gulf, api, agip in italy technical manager in chemical and consumer products company soap, detergents, derivate from fatty acids, sanitary gloves, tissue paper in italy.

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