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Cisco only offer software updates with cisco smartnet. Smartnet software only and smartnet application support and updates provide extended access to cisco. Service experience, cisco is the only company to have achieved ctss. The contract may be sold only by authorised cisco partners and is normally an annual. Smartnet without rma software and installationfocused tac support only, no rma or other tac support onsite support. For more information, read the leasing faqs to speak with a representative about leasing options for this product, call us at 800. Also, you dont receive support from cisco without smartnet. Smartnet 8x5x4 cisco 7925g multichgr, eu power supply. Ithsc cisco smartnet maintenance and ios upgrade types.

A cisco smartnet contract is the only way to obtain ips updates via the service codes listed below. The main reasons you would get smartnet are for service, support, and software updates. As an it leader, you decide to purchase smartnet to have yourself covered with future contingent issues and take advantage of premium cisco s hardware maintenance and software support. Smartnet is available in different service level agreements sla from 8x5xnbd through to 24x7x2. Ios update rights without contract cisco community. Learn how cisco smart net total care service provides technical services.

The policy has always been that you could only download the software you purchased, and only update the revs of that when you had an active support contract. Cisco smartnet new download policy cisco community. As a comparison adtran equipment is sold with a 5 year warranty. Citynet cisco smartnet voice, data, internet provider. Are you being smart with your cisco smartnet investment. Cisco smartnet service provides troubleshooting support, advanced hardware replacement options, and extensive selfhelp and knowledge transfer to em power your network operations and support staff. Cisco software support service swss provides comprehensive coverage for cisco. Cisco is the only company to have achieved ctss certification eleven times. This document describes ciscos smart net total care sntc device level support.

In case of buying cisco product, the proper support contract is called smartnet contract. Software and installationfocused tac support only, no rma or other tac support. Enjoy worldclass productlevel technical support, hardware replacement and os software updates all made simple by a range of smart capabilities. Cisco is committed to providing professional, customerfocused support services in person at your location. There is no hw replacement included with this level of smartnet. It also offers integrated smart capabilities, providing current information about your installed base, contracts, and security alerts to enhance the efficiency of your. Cisco smart net total care service customer experience cisco. Is cisco smartnet service only limited to breakfix insurance. Smartnet snt is a service that covers the hardware with. Warranty only offers delayed hardware replacement during the warranty duration. Services directly from cisco, this document is incorporated into your master services. Learn how cisco smart net total care service provides technical services and. Train you on smart capabilities, and provide guidance on collections management.

Cisco smart net total care helps reduce downtime with fast, expert technical support and flexible hardware coverage provided by the cisco. Onboarding assistance with remote resources who engages with you to deploy the cisco software collector and access the portal. With smartnet software only consw part numbers you get. It comes with 24x7 tac access and applicable software up and downgrades e. Technical support for the portal and collections through tac. Get a smart account for your organization or initiate it for someone else. A smartnet contract gives you the right to upgrade the software on your cisco appliance.

To do this legally with the eulas you need to purchase software only smartnet on all the aps. Hardware raplecement hw rma with different service leves 24x7x4hrs. Products as well as access to ciscos online software. The cisco tac offers depth and breadth of expertise with cisco devices and operating system software, as well as a broad range of networking environments such as voice, video, and data communications and technologies such as access dial, cisco ip telephony, lan switching, optical networking, security, content. Ithsc cisco smartnet cisco maintenance and ios upgrades. Smartnet is a hardware and software maintenance contract for cisco equipment.

The cisco smartnet service offers you help handling complex network operation and management issues such as. If you buy software only on one ap you can legally only update the software on that specific ap. I forgot the specific cisco ism that its called but its fairly affordable compared to full smartnet. The cisco smart net total care smartnet service is a part of cisco s technical services portfolio.

Cisco smartnet price, cisco cisco smartnet gpl price. Smartnet 8x5x4 cisco 7925g multichargr pwr sply eu only. After cisco employs reasonable efforts to isolate a cisco hardware or software issue, in the event a product. Is smartnet needed for access point firmware upgrades. Major releases protect your software investments as long as the. Installed base reconciliation, including data cleanup and installed base reporting. Su1 smartnet standard for intrusion prevention systems 8x5xnbd an advanced replacement will ship the same day to.

According to this document, it looks like there are some conditions in which you can update the ios software, even without a support smartnet contract. Products cisco smart net total care service data sheet cisco. In addition, you can raise cases with the cisco tac who will help you to troubleshoot any issues that you have with your cisco equipment. Access to tac support online and phone ios software upgrades, access to cisco. Cisco consnta25fpk9 smartnet extended service agreement replacement 8x5 response time nbd for p n asa5525fpwrk9. What if my company does not have the technical resources available to install. Cisco smartnet service is an awardwinning technical support. Replacement hardware delivered by the next business day subject to fault identification by cisco software tools designed to simplify hardware configuration and use. This service combines cisco s industryleading and awardwinning, foundational technical services with an extra level of actionable business intelligence that is delivered to you through the smart capabilities in the smartnet portal. Cisco service consntpct08250 smartnet 24x7x4 cisco 5508 serial ies.

Legitimizing cisco software downloads without relying on. Smartnet is sold in two forms, software only and hardware and software, both provide software cover. Shop the cisco service contract and more from the barcodes, inc. Despite the link title, the link actually leads to the 2017 cisco catalyst ios software update program for catalyst 2000, 3000, and 4000 series switches product bulletin document. The terms and conditions provided govern your use of that software. In the cisco shared support model, partners remain the primary contact for their customers, selling and delivering their own brand of services while having access to cisco technical expertise, software support, and logistics infrastructure. The 8 x 5 and 24 x 7 define the number of hours each day 8 being working hours and how many days a week that cisco will provide hardware replacement cover. Cisco us only smartnet onsite 8x5 next business day con. Simply put, any cisco product purchase should include the associated smartnet contract. This service combines cisco s industryleading and awardwinning, foundational technical services with an extra level of actionable business intelligence that is delivered to you through the smart capabilities in the smartnet. C2p or prem smartnet onsite 24x7x2 twohour onsite service and parts, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, includes cisco and locally observed holidays for onsite hardware maintenance.

Its like buying a luxury health insurance policy i. Only smart net total care offers both the awardwinning technical support. If there are bugs in your code version that get updated in later releases, or new features are added to new releases, smarnet allows you to easily download the new code from cco. Cisco constantly improve the features and capabilities of their equipment, these features and enhancements are only available by installing the latest software version. Smartnet onsite support provides customers with software updates and upgrades, registered access to cisco connection online cco, advance replacement of hardware, technical support, replacement parts and onsite field engineering services for one year. Cisco tac will work with customers to diagnose problems or issues related to product use and third party ucs software integration questions. Through its numerous acquired subsidiaries, such as opendns, webex, jabber and jasper, cisco specializes. Cisco develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other hightechnology services and products. Cisco software is not sold, but is licensed to the registered end user.

Difference between smartnet support vs cisco community. It also comes with 24x7 tac access and applicable software up and downgrades e. By covering networking devices with a cisco smartnet contract, you can. Cisco only offer software updates with the cisco smartnet and smartnet. This type of smartnet is a good option if you need advance hardware replacement advance faulty hardware that doesnt need to be inspected prior to being replaced and only needs to be returned after the replacement arrives, but you dont need a cisco certified engineer to install the replacement hardware on site. Finally, new cisco equipment is sold with only a 90 day warranty.

Use personalized web and mobile support to see modelspecific content, download software, use automated tools, get alerts, join forums, and manage your tac cases. Be sure to consider the cisco smart net total care sntc as an alterna tive product support offer if your. Cisco service consntct08500 smartnet 8x5xnbd cisco 5508 series. Does not cover voice over ip voip or quality of service qos configurations choose smartnet for these. Can someone give me a basic overview of cisco smartnet. Cisco are a global company and smartnet is a global service. What if my company does not have the technical resources available to. Cisco smartnet benefit access to cisco tac, software. Smartnet onsite service includes installation of advance replacement parts. Advance software configuration interoperability and upgrade questions hardware and software information in addition, cisco smartnet service helps you protect your.

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