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The blocks together make a disappearing nine patch quilt. Disappearing nine patch quilts are known for their intricate and complicatedlooking designs, even though theyre incredibly simple to make. June 6 getting ready for the disappearing 9patch qal. Oct 15, 2010 materials 60 moda hunky dory charms or 5 in x 5 in squares 48 5 in x 5 in squares in cream with 60 charms you will be making 12 blocks. Another option that would simplify the look of the disappearing nine patch quilt and make it less scrappy would be to use one solid color of background fabric instead of the fat quarters. I know, its hard but trust me, you will love the results. The world of disappearing quilt blocks is a fun one. Whatever color is in the middle will end up in all four of.

Simply put, a nine patch block is created and then sliced apart in a myriad of different cuts or with different color arrangements so it literally disappears and is replaced by four smaller units. Basically, you make a 9patch, cut it into 4 equal pieces, rearrange the pieces and sew back together to make the new block. Disappearing quilt blocks included in the printable download the pdf file for this project from my free resource library. The pattern can be used in making lap quilts, baby quilts, christmas and halloween quilts. This block is designed with machine piecers in mind as you cannot crosscut pieces. It has the looks of a complex pattern while in reality it is easy and suits beginner quilters. Disappearing 4,9,16 and other patch and twistturn variations. Oct 24, 2017 dont miss your chance to download these gorgeous nine patch quilt patterns today from the quilting company.

Free nine patch patterns are fun for both beginning sewers and experienced quilters. Disappearing nine patch quilt block pattern instructions. Disappearing nine patch quilt block pattern tutorial. Jul 09, 2014 when i started with double disappearing 9 patch dd9p i gave an explanation of what i did but not a real tutorial. With simple nine patch blocks that form a single irish chain quilt pattern, you can create a beautiful quilt without knowing much about piecework. Aug 27, 2014 disappearing 9 patch quilt block criss cross cut. Free self sashing disappearing nine patch tutorial from jos country junction. The wonderful disappearing nine patch seems to a technique in continual process of new and more involved variations. See more ideas about quilt patterns, quilt blocks and quilt tutorials. Youll enjoy cuddling up with your blanket much more having learned how to make a patchwork quilt for yourself. The same technique has been called tossed nine patch by eleanor burns and 9 to 4 by other quilters and authors. Jun 26, 2017 to create the amazing designs below with a disappearing 9 patch you must first cut up your block. The magicians disappearing 9 patch quilt block is the perfect beginning to a gorgeous and creative. Disappearing 9 patch, 16 patch and twistturn variations.

This gorgeous nine patch quilt pattern features 229 nine patch quilt blocks. Totally scrappy, disappearing 9patch quilt design nw. These free quilt patterns and tutorials are perfect for cozy bed quilts or snuggly baby quilts for your new grandchild. Nine patch quilt patterns can be made into tiny miniquilts or a gorgeous kingsize bedspread. If you want to do this, just pick up 2 12 yards of a solid color background fabric instead of the 10 solid fat quarters. Here we go first, make a plain ol nine patch block. You use the same technique but by placing your colors different you get a totally different look. We start by making a simple nine patch quilt block. June 22 disappearing 9patch, cutting and sewing instructions. I would like to correct that today because i know how nice it is when youre in a bee and you can just link your beemates to a tutorial. This free ebook includes each of the following nine patch quilt patterns below. The 9 patch quilt block is seriously one of the most basic and easy quilt block. What great howto instructions, free for the watching. Feb 23, 2020 whether youre looking for a disappearing nine patch quilt pattern perfect for your guest room, living room, or babys nursery, weve got just what youre looking for.

Get the password for the library including this free pattern. The best part about these disappearing nine patch patterns is that theyre excellent. Week 4 of the disappearing 9patch qal includes instructions for adding. This picnic blanket pattern combines rail fence blocks with nine patches and a bold black and white sashing for a quilt with a retro feel. Disappearing nine patch quilt block tutorial youtube. June 15 fabric requirements and general information. It is made in the easypeasy style of disappearing 9patch pattern. There is also a disappearing 9patch qal tab or menu item on mobile devices at the top of my blog that ill keep uptodate with all of the blog posts linked there. Scrappy disappearing 9patch tutorial stitchery dickory dock. This is a great quilt to make that is quick and easy to put together it is my goto for baby quilts the disappearing nine patch pattern. Easy disappearing nine patch quilt tutorial free quilt.

This variation on a nine patch quilt pattern may loo. Disappearing nine patch quilts are designed by arranging and sewing together nine squares to create a traditional nine patch quilt block. Each will have a picture of the block with dotted lines to show you how to cut it once its pieced. Disappearing nine patch is a quilt block that is made by a unique arrangement of nine patches of fabric. Using your rotary cutter, quilting ruler and self healing cutting mat. Jan 17, 2012 i bet you didnt guess that i made this using a variation of the disappearing 9 patch. Choose your block size, cut your fabric accordingly and follow the instructions below to make the block.

But instead of leaving the block asis it is sliced into four equal sections to create the disappearing design. Bailey did not coin the phrase and mentioned that a yahoo group had used the term earlyon. After youve made your nine patch, find the middle of the block and use your quilt ruler to help you cut a straight line down the middle. Disappearing nine patch tutorial patch quilt, charm pack quilts. So, if youre ready to get going and do something with your nine patch blocks, ill show you how. A disappearing 9 patch block will be about one inch smaller than the simple nine patch. You can use 3 fabrics, or a variety for a scrappy look. Jenny shows how to make the fabulous disappearing nine patch quilt block using charm squares. Easy disappearing nine patch quilt pattern the spruce crafts. Disappearing nine patch quilt patterns of any size are easy to make. Disappearing nine patch free quilt pattern using fat free blooming nine patch pattern blooming 9 patch quilt the twisted nine patch quilt i teach classes how to make.

This disappearing 9 patch looks intricate and impressive, but is very easy and quick to make. This quilt block is designed for mahine sewing only as patches will be sewn together and then sliced apart. This version uses nine fabrics, is stripped pieced, and has side borders only. Note i realize you can also make this pattern doing a 4 patch center and then adding side sashing with corner blocks but this is just how i have made it. A blog by helen bailey, with a tutorial about her own use of the disappearing nine patch, helped popularize the term. For instructions for hand sewing this block, please see the pattern for the mosia quilt block. Disappearing nine patch quilt pattern the spruce crafts. Apr 29, 2019 layer cake disappearing 9 block pinwheel. Disappearing 9patch with layer cakes reannalily designs. Mix it up with a few fun rotary cuts and you have yourself a super quick, simple and easy to sew quilt block. These quilt patterns can be used alone or in combination with other blocks to create an unlimited number of quilting designs. Because of the large size of the ninepatch blocks, it is easiest to locate the center by measuring 434. I wanted to use up some of the many charm squares 5 x 5. Disappearing 9 patch block construction learn how to make this in disappearing nine patch video tutorial.

Incredible disappearing nine patch quilt with images. It is a perfect beginners quilt, or a great pattern for anyone who wants to whip up a quick baby quilt. Disappearing nine patch free quilt pattern using fat quarters. Jul 21, 2018 the pattern for this one is the disappearing 9 patch tutorial on my sidebar or top toolbar its one of my very favorite patterns and i recommend it to anyone as a joseph foglio new providence said. Try an easy disappearing nine patch quilt pattern thats perfect for quilters of all skill levels, including beginners who have never stitched a seam. Disappearing 9patch qal, week 4 the crafty quilter. Totally scrappy, disappearing 9patch using charm squares. May 22, 2017 click here to find the free disappearing nine patch quilt pattern. Disappearing nine patch quilt pattern free motion quilting.

There are lots of ways you can arrange your disappearing nine patch quilt and i played around with many creative layouts. Disappearing 9patch quilt block national quilters circle. Click here to find more pictures and how you can rotate the blocks to create different effects. The disappearing nine patch quilt pattern is that way. Kathys version of the disappearing nine patch quilt 46. Kathys version of the disappearing nine patch quilt. Free quilt patterns for beginning to experienced quilters.

Oct 28, 2017 the main variation to this classic quilt block, and its a good one, is the disappearing nine patch. Oct 15, 20 queen size disappearing 9patch with layer cakes. Find a free quilt pattern to piece easy nine patch quilt blocks from twenty fat quarters, then poof. Disappearing 9 patch variation block with charm squares sewn up. As the name implies, the parts of the block seem to disappear through a fantastic puzzlelike effect. The disappearing 9 patch is a quick and easy quilt block that you can use to make a table runner, baby quilt, or other favorite project. Disappearing nine patch free pattern jordan fabrics. The disappearing 9patch is a popular quilt these days. Disappearing 9patch quilt along, week 1 the crafty quilter. May 22, 2017 learn how to create a disappearing nine patch quilt and find a free quilt pattern in this new quilting tutorial with leah day.

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